Multilayer PVC Tubing

Multilayer PVC tubing

Our multilayer medical tubing includes an inner polyethylene layer to resist absorption of gases or liquids, and an outer layer of PVC that is suitable for solvent bonding to other PVC devices.  A unique middle bonding layer ensures lamination of the inner and outer layers for maximum performance. These coextruded tubes are USP Class VI and resistant to ETO and gamma sterilization.

Multilayer PE/PVC medical tubing is ideally suited for intravenous (IV) drug administration, anesthesia gas sampling, insulin delivery and pharmaceutical manufacturing operations.

SurePath™ 151 medical grade tubing is a coextrusion of PVC with an inner liner of polyethylene.  The outer PVC layer provides traditional bonding capabilities necessary for solvent bonding to other IV therapy line components, such as connectors and drip chambers.  The inner polyethylene layer of the tube minimizes absorption of the fluid. In the case of drug delivery, this low absorption tube liner maximizes drug delivery and reduces dose inconsistencies.  This is particularly beneficial for administering unstable solutions such as nitroglycerine and insulin via medical tubing. 

SurePath™ 252 medical grade tubing is a coextrusion of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) with an inner liner of polyethylene.  This tubing is specifically designed for administering unstable solutions in applications that require plasticizer-free medical tubing. 

Both SurePath 151 and SurePath 252 offer superior adhesion between layers with no sacrifice in clarity and flexibility and are ethylene oxide (EtO) and gamma sterilizable.

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