Medical-grade TPE compounds

Cellene™ thermoplastic elastomer compounds are suitable for a wide variety of uses in medical devices, packaging and other regulated markets. Cellene™ compounds are formulated to be silicone, latex, phthalate, halogen and PVC-free using FDA-compliant raw materials to meet USP Class VI and ISO 10993 standards.

Medical-grade TPE compounds

Cellene thermoplastic elastomers are a comprehensive product line of stryrenic block copolymers, blended with polyolefins. These formulations overcome many of the challenges associated with other commonly used medical-grade elastomers and thermoplastic elastomers. These include the following:

TPU – requires pre-drying, very temperature sensitive viscosity, incompatible with common polyolefins, often difficult to coextrude, may require specialised processing. Inherently tacky and difficult to collate

Silicon – Thermosetting, catalyst residues, difficult to over-mold/twin shot/coextrude, expensive and difficult to recycle. Difficult to bond/assemble

PEBA – high durometers, high modulus engineering type applications, expensive, incompatible with common medical polymers

Polyesters – similar to thermoplastics polyamides, requires drying and can be difficult to process.

Plastomers / TPO – lower modulus, lesser mechanical properties, can be more difficult to process, lower working temperature, difficult to bond to medical polymers, no compatibility with ABS, SBS etc. Bleed out, tackiness can be problem

TPV – tend to lack clarity, lesser scope for compound development / modification, may not be as easy to reprocess/recycle

Rubber – Not easy recycled/reused, slow to process, catalyst systems leave residues, specialised production/processing

Advantages of Cellene™ Compounds for Medical Applications

  • Extrusion and injection molding products
  • Broad durometer range in Shore A and Shore D classifications
  • Low density (0.89 to 0.9 g/cm3)
  • High-clarity grades for fluid monitoring applications
  • Low migration and drug absorption (grades formulated without plasticizers available)
  • Intrinsic polypropylene (PP) chemical and thermal characteristics
  • Sterilization by gamma, EtO or steam
  • Can be readily bonded /adhered to a range of polymers including polycarbonate (PC), acrylic and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS).
  • Compression set of specific grades comparable to rubber
  • Compatible with conventional extrusion & molding equipment
  • Custom formulations engineered to meet critical application requirements

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