Tekni-Plex Medical features products from three proven global brands

Colorite® advanced medical-grade compounds are used by the world’s foremost healthcare and medical device manufacturers. We are globally recognized for consistently meeting or surpassing rigorous regulatory and industry standards. Our extensive line of PVC and TPE medical-grade compounds have been engineered to deliver the ideal solution for your specific product objectives. We also custom-formulate compounds to meet specific medical application requirements.

With our Dunn tubing range, we assist development and design engineers by providing tubing with the tightest possible tolerances and the smallest walls. We help optimize your device design process by offering cost-effective technical support, material samples and short lead times. The Dunn portfolio supports minimally invasive delivery systems for the cardiovascular, electrophysiology, neurovascular, gastrointestinal/endoscopy, structural heart and interventional radiology medical markets. Products include single and multi-lumen, coextruded, striped or braided tubing. Dunn is also a market leader in the production of acetal mandrels used for manufacturing minimally invasive catheter shafts.

Our Natvar® products are produced at our global locations in state-of-the-art, clean room extrusion
facilities. Our operations use the latest in lean manufacturing to perfect the balance between high
quality and economic requirements. Natvar provides medical tubing for a wide range of medical device applications including intravenous therapy, respiratory, renal/dialysis, anesthesia, diagnostic and surgical equipment. Working with a broad range of polymer materials and sizes we help to progress early concept ideas rapidly to regulated, commercialized devices. We produce multilayer and multi-lumen tubing, and we offer a range of value-added options including tapered, striped, thermally-coiled and special profile products.