Affiliation / Certification

Affiliation / Certification

Flexible Packaging Association 

The Flexible Packaging Association is one of the leading trade associations for converters of, and suppliers to, flexible packaging; the fastest growing segment within the packaging industry.  For six decades, the FPA has been recognized as a reliable and credible resource for industry information.

Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce

The Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce works to ensure a positive/fertile business climate and enviable quality of life exists within the Winston-Salem community.  The WSCC focuses on economic development and high-wage job creation by inspiring thoughtful research and planning by business and civic leaders, followed by a sustained, cooperative effort to ensure success.

Energy Star

Through its ENERGY STAR Program for Industry and Manufacturing, the EPA offers a proven strategy for superior energy management.  Based on the successful practices of ENERGY STAR partners, these guidelines for energy management assist in improving energy and financial performance.  Oracle is an ENERGY STAR Partner and encourages widespread corporate participation as environmental leaders/frontrunners.


FDA – Interstate Milk Shippers (IMS) Certified
Intertek RQA (Completed)