Universal Sealant

Universal Sealant

Application: Universal Sealant

Container Type:

Description: Peelable aluminum foil
Foil thickness 1.2-2.0 mil (30-50 micron)
Sealable to common plastic containers
ETO or gamma sterilizable

Advantages: Available with heat-resistant lacquer or printed surface
Excellent lay-flat characteristics
Easily Embossed
Sealable to PP, PE, PS, PET, and PVC containers
Consistent peelability and wide seal window
Adhesive peel mechanism
Optional PET strength layer available
Excellent oxygen and moisture barrier
Suitable for wet or dry products

Structural layers: Heat-Resistant Lacquer/Aluminum Foil/Coex Film or Coex Coating


Heat-Resistant Lacquer
Aluminum Foil
Coex Film or Coex Coating


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