Our companies manufacture innovative packaging & tubing solutions for the world's leading products


Innovation is the cornerstone of everything that we do at Tekni-Plex. Whether it’s inventing the next generation of medical tubing to deliver volatile medication, a new safety seal, or a more environmentally conscious packaging item, our team of scientists and engineers are continually developing new cost-effective and ground-breaking compounds and products that solve packaging, sealing, delivery and sustainability challenges. We are not simply a custom manufacturer waiting for a customer’s product specifications – we are partnering with our customers to create new products and to offer ideas for next-generation solutions.

Continuous investment in research and development and a determined focus on innovations has led to smarter, safer packaging and tubing products and technologies. We are proud of our intellectual property, including:

At our new, state-of-the-art Global Technology Center in Holland, Ohio, as well as other locations around the world, we’ll continue to invest in both chemistry and technology to produce packaging and tubing products for our global customers that protect and deliver contents in a safe, reliable, and effective manner to the consumer. As a leader in the industries we have served for over 60 years, we know that this is the right investment for our customers and their customers.

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