Our companies manufacture innovative packaging & tubing solutions for the world's leading products


The Tekni-Plex family consists of 10 companies who are leaders in their respective lines of business. Please visit their individual websites for more information, including how to contact them.


Action Technology is a worldwide leader in plastic tubing, serving the consumer retail, medical, and food industries with dip tubes, extension tubes, swab and spreader sticks and other dispensing products. Our manufacturing facilities span 3 continents with 6 strategically placed manufacturing plants.

American Gasket and Rubber Company is the foremost supplier of plastic and rubber gaskets used in dispensers found on thousands of products such as aerosol cans, trigger pumps and inhalers manufactured throughout the world. With its sister company Action Technology, American Gasket and Rubber is the global leader for industrial tubing and punched rubber and plastic gaskets.

Colorite Compounds is known worldwide as a leading supplier of medical polymers to the global healthcare industry, with 4 manufacturing operations across the United States, Europe and Asia. Our compounds are designed to be converted into disposable devices such as hemodialysis tubing, blood bags, endotracheal tubes and oxygen masks. We also provide PVC and TPE compounds to the Automotive and Construction industries.

Dolco is a nationwide manufacturer of cartons, trays and packaging for perishable foods. As the leading supplier of foam egg cartons, mushroom tills and apple trays in the United States, Dolco has been servicing the food industry for over 45 years from our 5 plants across the United States.

Natvar is a global manufacturer of custom polymer tubing for multi-national medical device organizations. Our innovative SurePathâ„¢ product line has become a staple worldwide to deliver unstable medications. Our 4 plants throughout the United States, Europe and Asia manufacture medical tubing for applications like drug delivery, dialysis, wound care and chemotherapy.

Tekni-Films manufactures high barrier blister pack films, lidding foils and pouch materials primarily for the ethical and OTC pharmaceutical and medical film industries at our 3 plants across North America, Europe, and contract manufacturing in South America. As a leader in primary packaging materials, we are known for our comprehensive product line and dedication to innovation.

Tri-Seal and Top-Seals are the leading producers of sealing gaskets and pressure sensitive and induction seal closure liners, operating globally from 4 plants in the United States and Europe. We meet the needs of the pharmaceutical, medical, food and bio-processing industries.