Our companies manufacture innovative packaging & tubing solutions for the world's leading products

About Us

Tekni-Plex is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of innovative, high quality packaging and tubing materials for products used every day by millions of consumers around the globe. We operate 24 manufacturing sites in 8 countries across North America, Europe, and Asia, we supply the leading international brands in healthcare, food and beverage, and consumer retail with the components they require to safely and reliably protect and deliver their products.

Through our extensive knowledge of chemistry, we create specific plastic and rubber compounds and components that meet the needs of our customer’s delivery challenges for products as diverse as over-the-counter medicine, household cleaners, food, cosmetics, beverages, and oxygen. At our state-of-the-art Global Technology Center in Ohio, USA, we continue to build upon our expertise to create new compounds and products to meet our customers’ needs well into the future.

Tekni-Plex was created by bringing together industry leaders over the past fifteen years.  All 8 of our companies are leaders in our respective segments, and many have been in business for 60 or more years.

We are committed to remaining a leader in innovation serving the world’s needs for quality packaging and tubing for many years to come.

  • Global sales of approximately $620 million USD across 3 industries that form Tekni-Plex.
  • Operations in 10 countries (United States, Canada, Belgium, Italy, Northern Ireland, Germany, China, India, Costa Rica and contract manufacturing in Argentina).
  • Over 2,200 employees around the world
  • Leader in many areas such as foam egg cartons, aerosol package and dispensing pump components and medical tubing

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